Mrs. Renuka Verma
Professor (Vocal Music)

Since childhood I am interested in music and a huge fan of Lataji and according to my school teacher I was good in music so I use to practice a lot . My family did not know about my practice and after that I did not know when it has become my hobby. It was a challenging task for me to continue my studies and my studies together without informing my family. Still I continued with my practice and make it my profession. Than after some time I got married on 4th of December 2005 in Jabalpur with a famous singer Shri. Alok Vermaji. I am going to have a program on that is currently available in Jabalpur, Delhi, Mumbai, Indore, Lucknow, Assam, Arunanchal Pradesh, etc,. I am a part of my business or other community. Duration of my marriage as well and it is a huge Mahavidhyalaya which organized BHATKHANDE Music SCHOOL..... After that we people has given exam of music which works on all programs has been the show of auditions of reality shows, Dil hai Hindustani, Indian Idol, Sa re ga ma pa, India got talent etc.

After marriage I entered in Renuka Sangeet Center and it’s started from 31st March, 2006 from a music academy where she has been working as part of the 4 years to 16 years of education. Renuka Sangeet has given me the name of my career, she has given me the opportunity to teach all the people of the dance classes, or to teach teachers through the students.

Our school is very popular because of the greatness of the class that is being used as a result of the progress of the process under which the whole school is going to school or Rajamansigh.

Tomar Sangeet kala Vishwavidhyalaya, Gwalior's Prayag Samity Committee, Allahabad etc is the best way to teach all of the lessons, and vocal lessons and realistic realities of the film's real life show in pure language.

I am going to teach a musical city where I am going to teach people about the importance of learning about the traditional and international programs or competitions.

It’s a great opportunity of my entire life to being a part of these music world which given me a new identity with Shri Alokji and that’s why we still continuous works on these culture together and forever.